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The Medicaid system is overwhelmed with people needing nursing care (which is what your situation sounds like) with zero assets. The indigent, basically. Hence, the requirement to spend down your assets before they will pay for your care.

I assume your grandparents do not have long term care (LTC) insurance policies. Only about 6% of the population does. Mostly wealthier folks who are planning to protect their assets from the spend down requirement by purchasing insurance to pay in lieu of Medicaid.

Medicare will only pay so much toward long term care, and it appears that's already been maxed out in your Gmom's case. So now it's one of three alternatives
1. private pay
2. LTC insurance
3. Medicaid

In your case, you may want to chat with an elder care attorney, but don't expect any miracles. All the trust fund loopholes and asset transfer strategies have been plugged by recent legislation. So be prepared to spend down their estate to get to Medicaid. A local Social Worker (often provided by the hospital) will give you advice on how to navigate the system.

Get power of attorney set up, a DNR and living will for both Gparents through the elder care attorney. Be prepared to "become the parent" for your grandparents. Role reversal at this stage in their lives is pretty typical. Usually it's the children that take over, not the grandchildren that have to deal with this stuff. Good luck,
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