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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

my inlaws have some terrible neighbors. they used to be great friends. my father inlaw build them a shed, and did a bunch of handyman work around their house for no charge.

the problems began, when the neighbors cat was killed by my inlaws rottweiler. the gate to my inlaws backyard was left open, the dog ran into the front yard, the cat happened to be in my inlwas front yard, and the dog proceeded to break the cats neck. The cat was about 20 years old. my father in law felt terrible and helped to bury the cat.

the next day they found out that the neighbor was suing them, and wanted the dog destroyed. after all the things my father inlaw did for her, she decides she wants to profit off of this, and make him suffer? long story short, the court ruled that the dog must be kept in a kennel in the backyard, wear a muzzle if being walked, and my father in law had to put up a taller fence in one section of the yard.

My 3 year old plays with this dog and rides him around like a horse, he is a gentle giant. Who would ever imagine that he would attack a cat. Dogs chase cats, cats chase mice...didnt we learn this on saturday mornings watching Tom n Jerry?

Anyways, since the dog had not been destroyed, the neighbor has gotten worse. Her son has tried to intimidate my mother in law. He tried to attack her in her car with a leaf blower (her word against his) and the very same day, accused her of trying to swerve to hit him with the car. Funny that he has to mess with the women, but he is too much of a coward to say anything to my father in law, or myself.

Thats the story so far, but i can only see this situation getting worse. I'm glad that i have nice neighbors at least.