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Get a Kubota engine with a Stamford or Newage or other industrial electrical end. Many packagers out there, I don't think any are much better or worse than the others. Look in Boats and Harbors, there are many ads for radiator cooled diesel gennies set up for industrial or work barge use. Cost is not that bad. Those will be noisy, but depends on where you install it. If you want a soundrproof unit, it will cost more.

I have a 8kW Kubota with an Onan electrical end and no sound box. It's installed in my detached garage that is about 40' from the house. Radiator cooled with no sound box with exhaust going out the back of the garage. From the house you can not hear it. It is 25yrs old and has like 1600hrs on it. I'm at the "end of the line" in lineman speak, meaning I'm about the last to get power after a storm. Once I toted it up to a buds house near Chapel Hill that had a new baby and no power from an ice storm. It ran ten days solid before they got power back. Longest it has run here was about two weeks. Glad I went diesel!! Propane would have sucked.

Diesel stores well even for years. Do use a stabilizer and have a way to "sump" your tank to get settled crud and water. In my case my car and boat are diesel, so I buy bulk fuel and fuel everything from the tank. So longest fuel is in the tank might be six months. Can store much longer, just look at things like hospital emergency gennies. They are careful with the fuel but it might be many years old.