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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

I been in the same place 30 years. For about 15 of those years I had no nieghbors within 1/4 mile. Talk about quiet, all the privacy in the world. Then in 1992 Mr and Mrs E bought the property and built a home next to us. At first I was really put off, if I had known the property was for sale I would have purchased it my self. The E's planned on building a home but the moved a house trailer onto the lot to set up temporary house keeping. Well it was fact I had nieghbors now so I decided to make the best of it. The E's are an older couple now in there 80s at that time they were, well do the math. I volunteered to help with the heavy hauling and the hard labor. They graciously accepted my help and a solid friendship blossomed. Now they are considered part of the family, they consider us their family. Trust me when I tell you I have no fear that my home will be well looked after when we are away. They adpted my old dog as their own and treated my kids just like grandkids of their own. My children consider them a third set of grandparents.

Funny story. This happened the very first night that the Es spent in their new trailer next door. About 2AM my old catahoula dog who is gone now decided to chase a racoon out from under my carport. Directly across the yard and under the Es brand stinkin new house trailer. Now my old dog went about 75# and in her day she was what Mr E referred to as a go getter. She had a bark that could wake the dead and when on the trail of a beasty she was without pain or caution. Up under the trailer they went with Daphne baying like a hound from hell the **** hissing and snapping like a cobra. From across the yard I could hear garbage cans being turned over, pipes banging, and literally what sounded like a young war starting. My reaction was to grab my cap, along with the first piece of clothing available, throw on a pair of shoes I could walk into and head out their to gather my dog in before the Es called the cops and reported a disturbance. I was running around the trailer yelling at the dog to heel, which she was having no part of, she was continuing to bark growl and snarl at the ****. Several times the **** and Daphne actually tied into each other and the noise level rose even higher. After about 5 minutes of this, I noticed the lights come on in the trailer, my thought was, Oh Heck we're in for it now. A few seconds later the porch light snaps on and Mr E pokes his head out the door. First thing he notices is me standing there wearing my wife's short red satin with lace trim house coat that doesn't quite come down far enough to cover my oversized plaid boxer drawers, with my feet adorned in my unlaced steel toe high top work boots, along with a bright orange baseball cap. Right away I noticed his look of overwhelming suprise, he gazes at me for a few seconds and without pause or comment turns and closes the door. All the while this is going on the dog is still baying the **** still hissing and they are running rough shod under that trailer hitting the plumbing works and support structure. Next morning I started to go over to apologize, but had second thoughts, mostly I was embarrassed. To this day he has never mentioned that night to me, anyway.

Talk about good neighbors.
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