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Default RE: The worst neighbors?

Here's one for ya.

NICE neighborhood. First couple of days in our new house, my wisdom teeth need pulled. Second morning, get up early and off to the oral surgeon. After the surgury, HEAVILY doped-up, we arrive at the sidewalk from my wifes car. My wife walks around and helps me out of the car and walks me up the driveway into the house. (Probably took 5 minutes--really doped up) To this day I have no reccollection of getting home and in bed. Anyway, fast forward two months later. We were at a dinner party with the neighbors that live next door. I was saying how nice it was to have souch nice neighbors....anyway, out of the blue people were kinda looking around like someone farted or something. Awkward to say the least. Anyway, the next day one of the neighbors approached me and said that they "heard" that I was a drunk! Also, last night at the party my wife felt like other women were being really nosey about us.... Anyway, we found out that our friendly neighbors (next door) saw us come home from the Dentist and leaped to conclusions... We became loners after that....
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