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Originally Posted by VanW View Post
Also the gear ratio doesn't seem good for big fish cranking on the Banax. I don't know what the Daiwa has. Maybe I'm just used to big 2 speed reels.
That's what I am wondering. I can fully accept that the electric aspect isn't up to a big fish. But if I need to go to cranking by hand, I don't want it to fall apart. I don't care if I need to replace the drags pretty frequently either.

I caught a 9 foot 6 inch mako (apx 600 lbs) on a Penn 9/0 and the reel was fine. The guy who did the cranking was pretty worn out, but the reel caught many more sharks and tuna that year before I replaced the drag. If these reels can do something like that, then I'd be real happy.
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