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Question for those who know a little about these cheaper electric reels. Are the drags/hand crank option able to fight a bigger (let's say 300 lb) sword?

If so, then for my needs, these cheaper reels make a lot of sense. The big advantage I see with an electric reel for swords is that it would be so much more convenient for setting and checking baits. What I mean is that, just speaking for myself, I would like to hand crank the fish. But if I get worn out, let the reel do the work for a while, then go back to hand cranking. As long as the drag systems on these reels are up to catching occasional bigger fish, it seems that they would be a good option. I'd like the electric for its help in handling baits, not handling fish.

Also, I have NO interest in catching a 500 lb sword! I've caught big fish in the past and have plenty of stories.
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