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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

My old neighbors in Brooklyn were a trip; my wife often says she is going to write a book. Our first home was an Archie Bunker Special, sharing a wall on one side with one set of neighbors, and sharing a driveway with the other set of neighbors.

Sharing a wall with us was Mrs. Z and her family. She was 70, her husband was 83, and 2 "boys" in their 40's lived at home. One of those boys was extremely obsessed with the garbage, and garbage trucks, and garbage collection, and talking about garbage, and collecting garbage; he was extremey exciteable whenever the topic came up. I once saw him in an elevator at my place of work in Manhattan (he had a mail delivery job for a law firm in the same building), and went out of my way to say hello on the elevator. In the crowded elevator he went into a long and loud discourse on..... garbage! His brother was mentally ill. He would stare out the window and make bird noises and shrieks; he reminded you of that cult movie years ago "Birdie." Other families on the block told us sad stories about how, when those boys were young, Mrs. Z would not allow them outside, summer or winter, and they would stare out the window longingly while the other kids played in the street. We have also heard Mrs Z beat her 83 year old husband through our bedroom wall, while he begged for her to stop hitting him. We banged on the wall, and told her if she didnt stop we'd get her taken away. Also, if my wife wore shorts in the backyard with our newborns, Mrs Z would scream "whore!" out the window.

On my other side, were my other neighbors Julie and Richard and their small little girl. He was a fireman and she stayed at home. He had anger issues, and even had Mrs Z's car stolen and burnt out, when she bothered him. He also shot my landscaper with a BB gun in the head for mowing the lawn at 10AM (he sometimes works late). The landscaper ran to my house shrieking "your crazy neighbor...he a shotta me! he a shotta me!" My wife went over to Richard and, of course, freaked.

I should also tell you about the "Mes..." family down the street....... another time
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