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Default Hand Feeding A Tarpon

A good friend of mine just sent me some pictures from a fishing trip to Islamorada Florida. They did very well and caught Mahi, Wahoo, Snapper, and Tuna, I assume Black fin. They also caught some Tarpon that were not kept.

He lives near Buffalo so all of his fishing at home is freshwater but he used to go fishing with me a lot, on my boat in the Delaware bay and sometimes offshore of Lewes Delaware.

Anyway the last picture that he sent me was of him hand feeding a Tarpon off of a dock. I assume it was near the slip where the charter boat docked, probably near the fish cleaning station. I was very surprised to see that and never heard of someone doing that. I'm sure that the locals or the Captain told him that it can be done because I doubt that he just happened to try it to see if it would work.

Maybe it's a common thing near there, but for me I thought it was cool as hell and was very surprised that it could be done. For you local guys, is this something that is not surprising and is done at other docks or is it as unusual as I think it is, I was just surprised that it could be done. Have a good one.
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