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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Mine aren't too bad in comparison to others I've seen. When we moved into our house we moved the placement of the washer dryer into the mud room from it's previous location. This meant digging a new drain for the washer. The neighbor of course was being nosey and asked if everything was ok and what we were doing. Now it being my house I was doing the digging and dad was prepping everything. I was in no mood for talking to her but he was being very nice. Two years later her husband and I started talking (nice guy). The original owner put in ALOT of iris's. I hate them, and so do the wife. Neighbors come home from somewhere and the first thing out of her mouth is "where are the iris's?" I said they were gone, dug up, in the bin. "Those were hybrid iris's, I would have liked to have those." Her husband walked around the truck "And this is my wife Debbie." So I don't talk to her have no desire to but the wife is cordial. The others on the opposite side couldn't be nicer.

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