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yea you would reset the drag. it literally takes 30 seconds.. just lock up the drag and pull with a fish scale. and when the line slips at 30 lbs your great and done.
usually swordfishing especially with a smaller star drag reel. it will take a while to get that fish in. sometimes it can be fast. but most likely you will fight the fish for 2-3 hours maybe more. and then get the fish in the boat and be so jacked up you caught it on the tanacom or beastmaster or mj1200 that your heading in to the dock right after that. lol not continuing fishing. We have caught 3-4 fish in one day. but thats with one of the work horses and making short 45 minute to hour and half fights.
Carrying one of those little fish scales with you is just a perk you can use that will help enhance your chances or landing a nice fish. Because whether it is wahoo fishing, swordfishing or tuna fishing or deep dropping for grouper. i promise you one thing, each of those fish will test EVERY SINGLE THING about your rod, reel, line, leader, knots, crimps, etc etc. they wont come easy and willing.
So just prepare yourself as much as you can , the more you do it the more knowledge you will gain. but picking peoples brains is also a good way to get information. Goodluck out there . tight lines
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