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y'all make it sound like the only reason we buy our boats is to go catch a swordfish. I have my boat for a myriad of reasons unrelated to a sword. Is it nice to be able to go out and dabble in the sword game and maybe have a shot? Damn right. But there's no way in hell that I go, with my beastmaster, thinking that I have the exact same shot as someone as the LP. And you know what? I'M OK WITH THAT.

If I was spending thousands of dollars in fuel, on each trip, and spending hours and hours just to get to the fishing grounds, on each trip, then yeah the investment is a little more. But my life doesn't begin and end with a monster swordfish. If I lose one then you're damn right it would suck, but it would also be ok because...well...my life doesn't begin and end with that. I went out and gave it a shot, KNOWING THAT I MIGHT BE UNDERGUNNED, and who knows, perhaps I land one. Like I did with my 180 pounder on a Beastmaster. You know what? that was effin awesome. Totally cool with that. If my Beastmaster allows it again, then great! If I lose one bigger than that, then great! At least I'm out fishing and not stuck behind the desk. So again, nobody here is trying to find an EQUAL replacement to the LP. They're discussing options that might allow them a shot at hooking and having a chance, however small it might be, in landing a sword. And if it doesn't happen, they can take that 1500$ reel and go catch all of the snowies and golden tiles they want. Without the 5K investment of the LP.
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