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���������� really a fun and interesting argument you guys are having. Valid points on both sides and great knowledge from hamma. But agreed. People can get in at a lower price point... in my opinion the only lower price point worth it is a hand crank. But I haven’t tried the mj1200.. or a used dolphin electric. Fact of the matter is I know stanz pretty well have spoken to him on this subject multiple times. I can copy and paste some stuff to u.. the beast master will burn up and croak on you. As it did to him multiple times. But you don’t see hat part. You only see the 400+ lb fish caught once. And the reel shut down and rebooted 6 times etc. it’s a matter of can you, yes you can with any reel.. would some people , no because they spend so much money to go out there why be unprepared which is what I feel is hamma’s Argument and I feel the same way... but there are people that just want to dab into it.. those people in my opinion don’t know just how expensive swordfishing is yet... until they lose that first big fish. That they spent alllllll that money tryin to get. And guess what. That’s when they turn to the big dogs lp hooker and mp3000... I would love to have a reel as small as a mj1200 be able to handle the job. Trust me, I get tired of carrying that heavy lp to the boat and back home. Lol when the mj1200 I ordered from digitaka comes in. I’m a test the balls of that reel.. that’s for sure .. hopefully the first fish I hook is a bluefin tuna since their migrating right now through south Florida lol
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