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Originally Posted by hamma job View Post
I understand people that are sensitive to price, but I cant, for the life of me understand why someone would fish for swordfish for a reel they know is significantly undergunned for the fish of a lifetime. For even less $$ one can get an 80W and catch any swordfish on the planet. The buying of a small plastic "magic beanstalk" reel has never made any sense to me in this regard. Fishing for yelloweyes and using for a kite reel? Absolutely.
If you have a passion for swording, fish commercially, or money just does not matter then an LP is the way to go. I owned an LP for 4-5 years and loved it for swording, I just sold it here on THT last month. As my passion for swording slowed having 5K tied up in a reel that I was only using 3-4 times a year just didn't make sense any more.

Also if you believe the mj1200 is a small plastic reel then you have never seen one first hand. The body of the reel is billet aluminum construction and the plastic side covers are for dress only and are not structural.
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