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i ordered a mj1200. we will see how it works. i think it will be a great mid level reel.. i have the lp that is the workhorse. lets see what the mj1200 can do. For people that say swordfishing you need light drag. they must enjoy 3-4-5-6 hour fights. Yes you fight the fish fairly light on the way up. but you drive that hook at first. i use 32 lb of pressure to drive the hook and fight the fish up the water column with 18-20 lb of pressure. Increases my chances of catching the fish and keeping it night to not lose the fish at the end because i did not drive the hook. And your comment with 65 lb line. i do exactly what i just mentioned to you and i fish 65 lb line. never had the line break before. and rarely ever had the hook pull at the end of the fight because i drove the hook. my biggest was estimated 611 lb 105inch x 70inch fish out of miami. most people have seen the pictures about 2 years ago.
65 LB line is enough for everything except whatever i hooked into 2 weeks ago .. i couldnt move the fish with my lp and 40 lb od drag. i had to palm the spool. the fish took me from 2700 ft of line at hook up to 4800 ft of line in 10 mins. ended up getting me to 5100 ft of line heading east offshore before i saw the backing of the spool and started palming the spool with the 40 lb of drag also to stop the fish. line ended up popping because i drabbed the spool with about 10 wraps of line left on the reel. After all the the line broke 5 feet about my bimini and i got all the line back. needless to say 65 lb line can be put to the test pretty good.
ive caught threshers .. i dont know what this was, but it bit like a swordfish and had a 30 minute stand off like a swordfish. What it was i have no idea. What i like to think it was, the grander.. but one will never know. that fish tested every single thing that day. glad to say texasblue wind on held up to all of that and the 65lb momoi did the same with all that drag i applied for so long. the lp was hot.. so imagine what any other reel in the world would have been like. Probably would have blown up.
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