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Originally Posted by wugubob View Post
Tell that to the 8 ft shark on the other end that decided to bite your bait...
I deep drop at least 2-3 times a week and have never caught a shark larger than 3', but if I did hook an 8' shark the rig is all mono so it would get bit off pretty quickly.

All my experience has shown that the best way to land big fish when deep dropping (including daytime swords) is to use lighter drag and work the fish up. Locking the drag down and winching the fish in only increases the size of the hole in the fish and chance the hook will pull. But whatever works for you go for it!

I believe the best part of the Megatwin 1200 is the 13 drag washer system, not for the 78 lbs its capable of but the ability to run lighter drag and letting it slip when needed and not burning it up. Also the reel has a drag radiator that pulls the heat out of the reel which extends the drag life as well.

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