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Originally Posted by wsieying View Post
I have beastmaster 9000 and tanacom 1000, both can dead lift 12kg weight, From the spec sheet, I suppose the 1200J/1200mj are much more powerful than tanacom 1000.

* I tested both reels to dead lift the 12kgs for a few meters only.
* make sure to use the original cable/ a high quality cable. initially I used a non-genuine cable and the reel can't lift the 12kg weight with battery sign flashing on the screen.
Funny you should bring the Tanacom 1000 into the mix. I have a Tanacom 1000 that I use for deep dropping (@900'). There is no way that the Tanacom could handle day time swordfishing. Believe me....I tried! The Seaborg is a waaaayyyyy stronger reel. I can stop the Tanacom easily if I try.....the Seaborg will take my hand with it.
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