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Since they tracked you down you can negotiate anything you want. You may want to add a requirement for severance pay to cover you if the job ends and you are out work.(Above unemployment). Remember the worse they can say is no ( and so can you). 5 years seems high ( I Think more like 2/3) but I have seen some pretty generous employment contracts. Moving expenses, housing allowance, time off etc.

I always like to get any benefits or bonuses upfront rather than on the tail end. In construction and development companies disappear somewhat frequently and are sometimes controlled by individuals who can be volatile.(talented but impulsive) Get pissed off one day, fire you and you have to sue for performance.

Its a contract and has nothing to do with labor law (long as it complies with it).

Ultimately it is the salary that will entice you and you really have to do your due diligence on the company to see how they operate.