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Originally Posted by antlerz22 View Post
Airplanes need to have an international agreed upon expiration date for use---regarding planes on either flight hours, age, or a combination of the two that all can agree upon and hold airlines accountable. There is an answer out there, as stress isn't readily visible in the structure perse until the moment of failure. And that goes for proper maintenance as well---which goes without say. But we all know there are some countries where you literally put your life at risk just visiting them, because of the carriers there.
Back in the 70's, my Dad who was a mining engineer, was in South Africa on business. He was in a 707 which sat on the tarmac for an hour in the sweltering heat before the captain came back and addressed the passengers.

The co-pilot hadn't shown up and if he arrived now it wouldn't do much good, because he was a drunk. It was against the rules not to have 2 pilots, but since it was only a 2 1/2 hr flight, lets have a show of hands. The "go" passengers overwhelmingly won and they were off......

An hour into the flight the captain leaves the cockpit to take a leak. Auto-pilot he smiles. Well, some turbulence sends the door shut and now he can't get back in. After rummaging around in the galley, he comes up with a small hatchet, with which he proceeds to hack open the cabin door. Returns to his seat and lands the plane perfectly.