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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
^^^I hate hearing crap like this ... Clearly she should have never been charged..Now it has F'd her life up.
I understand the authorities had to follow up and investigate, however the impact it had, arresting her instead of bring her in for questioning was over the top IMO. I'm so glad they got to the bottom and exonerated her, she can walk with her head up, I'd like to see the media post an update as they had posted her photo and occupation in the news. It's tough to recover from the court of public opinion.

Originally Posted by GetReel View Post
good for her, but I, for the life of me cant figure out the motive of why people have to put out there on the interweb so many personal things about their lives, including pictures of family, children, and things that should, and used to be private - Hasnt there been enough stories about things people put out on social media only to have in bite them in the azz. Case in point
She didn't post it on the internet, just sent it to a few friends via text or e-mail. Not something I'd do, but like I said, she has the luck of a person that wears a cloud over their head.
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