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Default A happy ending to a "My God story".

A co worker of my wife is one of those people that walk around with a cloud over her head most of the time. She had a rough childhood, but managed to graduate college and become a teacher. Early on she was a bit of a slouch on the job and got transferred most likely because of it. She was and is a fun person to be with, always happy but masking some hidden issues.

She hooked up with a guy about 6 years ago and got pregnant, we thought, "My god" what in the world is she thinking? The 2 of them tried to make a go of it as a couple but in the end the guy was more into partying then his own daughter and they split (never married). After several months of visitation the mother told him if he didn't stop his partying she was going to limit his visits and custody. He didn't stop and she went to court.

The judge told the guy to take a drug test and he would have partial custody again, the guy balked at taking a pee test being it was only Monday morning. So the judge said, come back when your ready to take the test and we will give you partial custody. Guy make a court date for the following month and says he's ready to pee in the cup, judge (good judge) says. "Oh no, we're doing a hair follicle test." Father says, he wants a DNA test to confirm he's the father first. Court administers the test and has them both come back to court 2 months later for results and possible hair follicle test.

They both return but this time the father is bald, completely bald, as in shaved his entire body bald.

Judge says, you are the father DNA proves it, but no0 visitation or custody until you produce hair for us to pluck, do you think you're going to toy with me young man!" Well this father of the year hasn't seen his daughter in over 1 year now, is still bald but in the mean time is making the mothers life a living hell.

the child is now 5, the mother, (remember her, the one with the cloud over her head) took a video of the child as an infant taking a bath and mom pinches her butt and says, "This is mine" (so I'm told). Mom sent this video to a few friends with the caption of "Don't tell DYFS") Well father of the year comes across this old video in his phone and reports her to the FBI! Mom got herself arrested 11 days ago, phone and computer confiscated, charged with distributing child porn and sex trafficking, suspended from her job as a teacher and forced to wear an ankle bracelet. Needless to say she also lost her 5 year old while this all played out! (Be careful what you post on social media folks)

The good news came to us today that ALL CHARGES AGAINST MOM HAVE BEEN DROPPED WITHOUT PREJUDICE! SHE HAS HER CHILD BACK AND LIFE WILL SOON GO BACK TO HER NORMAL. Of course there will be co-workers and others that will always look at the mom as a pedophile and child trafficker, but screw them, what else can you do about how people think.

At first I was very apprehensive about her being a mom, but I have to say in the past 5 years she has made a complete turn around as a person. We are so happy this has been dealt with and that the outcome has complete and definitive in her favor.