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Got tired of the hypocrisy when my kid was about 7. She kept coming home from school saying the kids at school told her there was no Santa. So I sat her down in the kitchen and came clean on everything. I told her they were right, there was no Santa, that it was her mother and me that buy the toys. I then told her that the Tooth Fairy was her mother and that I was the Easter Bunny. She just sat there for the longest minute with a weird face and without a word got up and started walking away toward the living room. I asked "where you going?" She said "going to lay down on the couch in the living room and think about this." She came back a while later and said she was cool with the truth and "wow, you and Mom spent a lot of money on me." My wife was furious and to this day gets fired up about it. My kid is 26 now.
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