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Don't ask here even though you got some decent advice.

The wage and hour board in you state/federal will tell you. The IRS will tell you again if they hook up with you.

You better know exactly how to comp and the requirements to meet salary/vs hourly wage. They are complicated.

The defense is expensive and if one single employee blows the whistle your gonna be in a world of shit.

You F with wage and hour the IRS will be so far up your ass they will see your lungs..

Lot's of particulars of how you designate hourly salary and your payment to the employee. Many rules and if your wrong on any the IRS collects money on employee earned income. Comp time and such are the best chum in the world to bring them into the slick. Of all things the IRS wants earned income shown not bartered. It can be legal in some ways but highly illegal in others. You best know and meet the criteria.
That's all I got to say about that
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