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Originally Posted by dssmith View Post
It doesn't matter what the employee, or the THT braintrust says. He/She is a free will employee. He is free to leave any time for other work, and the company is free to terminate his position any time and hire someone else. (Unless this is a government position with a bargaining unit agreement)

A salaried position usually means a position where the output and "product" of the employee is not defined by a 40hr period. In many cases the employee may have to stay late, and do extra work because that's when the work is. (Meeting clients, serving clients, dealing with shipping and implementation etc) A salaried employee doesn't necessarily punch in at 8am and vacate at 5pm. Maybe even, the boss doesn't care if the employee leaves at 2pm so long as all the work is done, and productivity is increasing.

An hourly position only values the output and product of the employee during the hr's required. Let's not forget, many many hourly employees are not productive all 40 hrs each week. Yet they are compensated whether work comes in or any work get's done. I saw lots and lots of federal employee's playing out the clock each day. Why? Because they had no concern for their productivity. That was the problem of "Management." On the other hand, there were many valuable hourly employees that were very productive and their hourly rate undervalued their contribution to the employer.

So it really depends on the employee's attitude whether they see the job as owing them, or them contributing to the job. Either way, good bosses know the productivity and value of their salaried (and also hourly) employee's. They are always looking for value. And they know who the clock watchers are. If they don't they are not good bosses and your buddy should look elsewhere if that's his type of boss.
While this sounds good to a fair number of people, right to work never trumps flsa. Damn pesky facts.
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