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Originally Posted by autobaun70 View Post
I am taking a gun though. My customer offered me a loaner if I didnít want to mess with bringing it on the flight out there.
Definitely if you're crossing east of Ol' Miss. I used to have to drive through there at least weekly and you need to pay attention to what's around you.

Most of the town you won't have any issue. East of Ol' Miss is a different story. Some of the northern areas (Jennings, Pinelawn, and of course Ferguson not so nice). Maplewood, Brentwood are fine and as you get towards Clayton and Ladue you get into the old money and cool houses.

LacLedes Landing used to have some fun places to go, but I haven't been there in a while . Harpo's used to be there and I have a few cups from drinking too many beers there. They've moved out to the Soulard area but I guess it's still a good place to go.

If you're looking for Italian food, then Cunetto's House of Pasta is pretty good. If not there, find anything on "The Hill" and you're probably good.

The Arch is cool, if you've never done it. The elevators are like climbing into a dryer. You sit in there with four other folks. My second trip up I was in there with two younger couples. The two women were obviously nervous and slightly claustrophobic. I was telling them stories (made up) about how the elevators sometimes get stuck on the way up. As the elevator goes up, it periodically has to rotate a little to make up for the curvature of the Arch. Just as I was finishing one of the stories, the elevator corrected in a very jerky fashion and she lost it. She had to take the stairs back down. ~600 feet.

Ted Drews is the big ice cream shop on the southern end of town, if ice cream is your thing.
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