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Haifischjager - 12/11/2006 8:34 PM

While visiting the University I graduated from, looking for help in getting a job, I went to see one of my old professors. I knocked on his door once but got no answer. I started walking away when something told me to go back an knock harder. I did and my prof answered the door...though he looked really pissed until he recognized me. To make a long story short, had I not knocked the second time I would never have gotten the job I'm going to start on the 18th. I think God had something to do with that.
There has got to be something to be said about that favorite professor. I am very luck in that I can say I look up to my father first and foremost, and to my two grandfathers second, but equally. My favorite professor from Clemson is a very close 4'th. He is the one who I turn to on a regular basis to talk about baseball, fishing, or to generally have fun with.

This guy is the biggest jackass there ever was in class, but the one thing he does his make his students think. I had him for several classes. two of which he basically taught nothing from the textbook, yet I learned more that anything else I have ever seen. Still to this day I call him up just to talk about nothing, and about everything all at the same time.