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Originally Posted by catfever24 View Post
I`m asking this question for a friend of mine because, well, I didn`t have an answer. So I figured the THT brain trust would have the answer I can bring back to my friend. The question that was presented to me was this :

Since when does going from a hourly rate and being paid for those hours to a salary rate and then having to work unlimited hours for basically the same pay? There are no other benefits included according to my friend, just a guaranteed pay check. I said you pretty much just answered your own question.
I`ve had several salary jobs over the years and I never questioned it. I`ve had salary jobs in the restaurant business for 20 years working from 7am to 2 am what seemed like all the time. But he does bring up a good point. Why does a salary paying job constitute having to working extended hours over and above what you would normally work at an hourly job? I know every job is different and they all have different perks to reflect the salary, but apparently this is not the case. Unfortunately, my friend does not want to disclose what he is being paid.
So what response would the THT brain trust have for an answer?
When your position qualifies you be an exempt (FLSA) employee and the employer decides to pay you a salary instead of hourly.
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