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We have, on 2 separate occassion, chartered a 72ft Pershing for the week and down the Almalfi coast and a bit south of there. Plus spent many vacations in Florence and surrounding areas, Milan, Rome, Venice, etc. Since you are pressed for time, I would recommend:
try to hire a private boat for the day from somewhere on the Amafi coast. It’s worth the expense. Pack a lunch and some wine and ask to be taken somewhere to swim and hang out. Or have the boat take you to Capri or Ischia for a few hours then to swim.

If you go to Capri, take the Funicular up to town but count your change when you buy your ticket....they will 100% try to screw your and not give your correct change. They hide the euro coins under their thumb till you question them.

in the town of Amalfi, have dinner in the outside garden at the Lemon Tree

have a drink in the outside terrace at La Sirenuse in Positano. Take amazing photos. Skip the very formal dinner in the restaurant in my’s the kind of place where you have like 6 waiters, tiny portions, and I just don’t like to work that hard on vacation.

Skip Sorrento, its crowded and commercial ( so is Capri but....its Capri...must go once).

in Florence, my favorite places to stay are the Four Seasons and The Savoy. Arrange to have a car pick you up as take you through the country. San Gimanano is beautiful, Montapucinao, etc...go to a few wineries and have a nice lunch at one outside.

I would personally not drive in Rome or Florence. There are many rules about not driving in certain areas of th city center and you won’t know you have violated those rules until you get a very big ticket and late penaties when you return home...unless you are fluent in Italian and can ready the signs. Besides walking is half the fun....and you can walk almost everywhere. Except the countryside.

have a great time.