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Default What town/city in Fl.

Started the wheels rolling with the older folks in the family, trying to get them to make the move to Florida. They each own their own homes and have a fair amount of equity in them, enough so that they could afford a condo or townhouse and still have some play money.

What is important to them: Access to shopping, healthcare, restaurants, malls. The ocean isn't a big deal to them but if they could get there within 30 min drive it would be nice. 55+ community is a plus but not absolutely necessary. They have no idea what difference there is between the west and east coast so Boca or Venice seems exactly the same to them on paper.

A large city like Miami I think is out of the question, as Tampa would be too.

If you guys have any first or 2nd hand info on communities or small cities that fit this bill I'd appreciate the feedback so we can research them. If a community has shuttle bus services that is also a big plus, if a city/town has some mass transit that is also a plus. One of them does drive but that won't be forever.