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Kinda like this pic from a longer youtube clip. Not these specific values, of course, but perhaps a combination of similar data boxes on pages set to automatically rotate.

Using a digital screen would offer a lot more flexibility on how to show the data.

In my last boat it was nice having old-school analog gauges for rpm, oil and water temps. All you needed to do was scan for the needle positions. Especially when they were set up flanking the chart plotter. Scan oil, temp, rpm from the port gauges, depth & speed on the plotter, then oil, temp and rpm for starboard. All along one plane, at an angle only slightly lower than watching the water.

Right now I've got too much engine data only visible when looking almost straight down at it, which is then not presented in a quickly scannable format. Made worse by requiring the bifocal section of my glasses. Moving some of it up to displays alongside the plotters would be helpful. It'd also let anyone else onboard, that knows what they're seeing, to help. My wife's familiar enough with engine data to be helpful in keeping a watchful eye. Can't do that at all with the current set of Cat screens being down on the lower part of the panel.
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