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The existing Cat displays are hard to read. They're black & white, low-res and have a terrible contrast angle. I mean, you can see the data, but there's many easier ways to keep tabs on things since these came out. That and whoever programmed them before didn't set them both up the same, so you can't easily scan them to detect engine status. I've got the Cat screen setup software to design new pages, but I'll still have to get a Cat tech to upload it. Which I may do since they need firmware updates anyway. But that'll only give me equally configured but still hard to read screens. So not really much progress.

I've got two engines and two helm stations. So that's four chartplotters and four engine displays. It'd be pretty spendy to replace chartplotters just to get engine data on the bus. That and I'm a bit leery of how Garmin's been handling the marine market lately.
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