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I loved my Sirius radio for the 9 months it worked. Then, in September my power cable went on the blink and it wouldn't power up the unit.

Radio Shack told me they can't be bought for replacement I'd have to contact Sirius directly. I called Sirius, was told it was under warranty and would be replaced for free, but it was on back order, we'll be in touch they said.

One month later, I get an email and an address to send the broken power cable to first before they would send me a new one. So, away it goes, USPS Priority Mail. Six weeks later I call to see what's going one. They tell me, what power cable, we never got it.... We'll research it and be in touch.

A month later I call again to see what's going on. I'm told now they don't know why the cable never arrived. I ask why can't you just place an order for a new power cable and have it mailed out to me. Well, the cables are now on backorder and we would have to replace the entire unit.

Forget it!!!!! transfer me to the people who cancel subscriptions, please.

I would strongly advise anyone considering Sirius this Christmas to reconsider. Their customer service is the worst I have seen in a long long time.

IMHO, they should have mailed a new power cable out the day I told them mine was broken, period end of story. Or at very least, make it available at Radio Shack so I can pay $12.95 and just get a new one!

Bennett Trim Tabs spoiled me, they should go into the business of treating what customer service should be!
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