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Thanks again everyone. I can’t believe it, but Carter will be two years old next week (4/14). It seems like yesterday when we were leaving the hospital with him. My man has really been exceeding everyone’s expectations lately. He began assisted sitting on his own (using his hands for balance) about 2 months ago. Now he can do two to three minutes of both assisted and unassisted sitting without falling over. Our living room floor and fireplace is completely padded because he won’t stay still. If he falls, he just rolls around some and sits right back up like it’s nothing. Diaper changes, medicine time and putting on clothes can be fun since he doesn’t fully understand “no” yet. His comprehension of certain words has expanded though, as well as his response to our voices. He knows the words for his bottle, solid food, pacifier, and medicine. Our voices will gather his attention, but I don’t think he has figured out his name yet coming from a stranger. We are making a lot of progress, but in small steps. He has been diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). We went to Houston again, but this time to see a CVI specialist. She assessed him and showed us where he seems to fall on the CVI chart (0-10). We also learned about some new tools and techniques to use or build to help. There is a GRIN1 conference being held in Canada this summer that we will be attending. Europe was out of reach for us and many others, so one was set up for North American families. We’re excited as our journey continues.

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