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Originally Posted by dekarate View Post
Not just a single step but a double step in the hull - Is there really enough hull length in a 29 to do this correctly? Also, see that it has built-in trim tabs in back, which is a little unusual I think. Motor usually trims Cats. Would like to see more details on the design analysis that was done up front. And concur - would put a premium on open deck space.
This is a 26 footer, not a 29. Plenty of room for two steps. The Barker Calibogue Bay is a 26 with two steps. The SeaVee 270Z is a 27 Bay Boat with two steps.

I think every modern cat has trim tabs. I know Prowler and Freeman both do. Very confident the Invincible and SeaHunter do as well.

I doubt the NA is going to give up the design analysis LOL.

Originally Posted by kyle_howie View Post
for an "Open" model, there sure isnt much open deck space. bummer
Where did you see "Open" Model?
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