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Originally Posted by nuffaredy View Post
High speed trolling in Hawaiian waters is seldom an option, most times it’s too rough, the lures won’t stay underwater, and the boat and fisherman get beat to hell and soaked!
I do it all the time. Stay leeward for HST.

For the Mahi catching crowd: Ono are most prevalent on the drop-offs around the 40 fathom mark. That’s often less than 1/4 mile from shore. When I say you won’t often catch Mahi trolling for Ono it’s because the Mahi aren’t that close in. Neither are the spears, the bills or the tuna. It’s a very different fishery.

The guys that HST Hawaiian waters don’t generally run a WWB lure. We run jagged drop-offs at speed so hard rights and hard lefts. We need to keep the spread compact to keep it from getting all twisted up. The drops range from 30 fathoms to Davey Jones Locker in a 50 yard wide swath.

Because of the remote nature of the islands there are very few species here. Most simply have never made it across the great abyss. Ono have a whopping two species of bait to feed on, neither is shaped like a bell. Not saying you can’t catch an Ono on a bell lure, just saying it’s not going to be top catching lure. To date I have purchased six of them and ran them regularly but sold them on THT to someone I hope got better production with them. They were never going to be a top-producing lure for me. From a “match the hatch” standpoint there are much better options.

Disclaimer: I started my HST quest in Hawaiian waters in 1988. My opinions are based on 30 years of field testing. Still trying to figure it out.
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