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Originally Posted by alloyboy View Post
Here you are
Is there a possibility that you have the motor side of this drawing? What I'm seeing is battery voltage on the white wire and ground to battery on the black wire. When you jump the white and black it appears to be simply grounding the circuit to stop like a lawnmower grounds out the coil or points. If this is the case, I only need to interrupt the white wires with my double pole relay and simply put the factory side to NC and the engine harness side to common. Then simply connect ground to the NO contacts. Use the MOB to give me power to my relay and that should do the same thing. I would just like to verify that the Black wires do indeed originate at the ground of the engine and not being fed by the ecm's of the engines. I ohmed the black wires and they have continuity to ground as well as each other. Thank you.