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Originally Posted by Onewolf View Post
Do they know if some thief has siphoned/drained fuel out of your tank?
My boat sleeps in a garage so that's not an issue. A quick look at the fuel level gauge would tell me that however. And they make keyed gas fills if your boat has to stay outside. No way in hell would I really on a tank level gauge to accurately tell me how much fuel I've burned to the tenth of a gallon. I can reliably do that with the total fuel used on the Yamaha gauge because I've tested it through dozens of fillups under very differing usage conditions.

You have to test whatever method you are using to know how much fuel you are using so that you know without a doubt that it is accurate. On my EC Caimen it was a wooden stick stuck in the tank. On my Maverick HPXV and my YF21 it's the Yamaha gauge.

Arguing about differing methods on different boats is dumb. You have to test YOUR method on YOUR boat and if it isn't sufficient for your use, figure something else out. For my use, the the factory Yamaha gauge gives me enough accuracy to run multiple trips without refilling the tank knowing that it will remain accurate. Then I verify at the pump when I reset it.