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Originally Posted by stephenson View Post

I think what you are talking about is this two wire to NMEA connector? Photo shows the two wire connector to NMEA 2000 connector.

Did you install it yourself? What does it show on your MFD - a bar graph of some sort? I would not think it would be able to display quantity very accurately since the basic analog signal from the sending unit it just a converted resistance reading ...not sure how it could compare to 0.2 gallons given this type of signal.

If, however you are talking about the Simrad E85 Fuel Data Manager at, then it reads like it is doing the same thing your MFD is doing - i.e. receiving the continual fuel burned readings from the engine computer and saving and then displaying them - sounds like it may also be saving these readings. Do you have to reset it, as well, when you refuel? Photo shows an NMEA 2000 connected and powered device that saves engine fuel burn data.

Going to order two of those, Thanks