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Originally Posted by 270Handiman View Post
So BRP is aware of this aviation based life expectancy for 2-stoke engines, and yet is still willing to offer a 10 year warranty on their marine engines? Sounds like somebody should let Yamaha know so that they can start offering at least a 10 year warranty because they sell 4-strokes which last longer than 2-strokes, yet their warranty is only 3 years.
Why not offer a three year warranty and a seven year extended service contract, no matter the quality of the product being lesser or greater than a different product. It makes business sense for them to do so.

The costs to BRP Evinrude for the warranty and the extended service contract are all factored into the price of the product. BRP is not out any money. Actually, on the extended service contracts they make money. It is good profit generator for BRP and their dealers. Same for Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Tohatsu.

If 10 years of coverage is what it takes BRP Evinrude to make the number of sales they are after then so be it. Other engine makers don't apparently need to offer that much coverage. It has nothing to do with the quality, reliability or longevity of the product. Just business.