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You are correct, I will fix my earlier post, I am using the Fluid Level Sensor, it is within 0.2 gallons when I fill up my tank. For example,
Assume 100g tank
Fluid level will show 50.2 gallons remaining
Suzuki full less burn will show 50.0 gallons remaining
I will fill the tank and it will take 49.8 or 50.1 gallons of fuel. I always tell the guy at the dock how much I think I'll take in fuel and he's usually amazed I know within a 1/4 gallon.

I did install the Fluid Level Sensor myself, on the setup in my Simrad I had to put the size of tank and I selected the maximum number of points in the tank, I think it was 5. I then filled the tank, told the equipment it was full and the first 3-4 times I fueled up I told the system how many gallons I added, not its very accurate.

My Fluid Level Sensor display shows XX.X in numbers and it varies when on plane accelerating or slowing but when the boat is sitting in calm water the Fluid Level Sensor reading and the Suzuki full minus used is within 0.2 on average. The fuel calculation that Suzuki makes doesn't fluctuate on during accelerating or slowing and I would trust the engine computer accuracy over the fluid level, new engines and their onboard computers know exactly what they burn.

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