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Originally Posted by homeby51 View Post
Yes....in general that is true. But I am not addressing specific failures by specific companies. Again, I said if you design a simple 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine, all things being equal a two stroke will need rebuilding in almost half the time.
As far a 4 strokes having more moving parts....nowadays that's not entirely true. The newer 2 strokes are packed with moving parts (valves, etc..) and complicated technologies that make it compete with the 2 stroke inefficiency problems.
Believe me, if 2 strokes were inherently more reliable and the longevities were equal, car companies would have embraced them and our highways would be packed with two strokes.
Yeah 2 strokes need DI and such to compete emissions wise with simpler port fuel injection on four strokes. I'm sure we will see direct fuel injection on four strokes eventually. Rebuilding a 2 strokes is generally much easier than a 4 stroke.