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Originally Posted by paulyjsob View Post
Evinrude needs any and every competitive advantage it can get to gain market share. IMO most boaters are most interested in a reliable product. The warranty gives people some reassurance. Yamaha doesn't need to go 10 years.. besides, it seems like a couple times per year you can get 6 years. Same with merc and Suzuki.
As someone who has tried to claim on a warranty with Yamaha, I would go for the Evinrude every time even if the warranties were equal - with Evinrude offering a 10 year warranty it's a no brainer. Look at the automotive world - the cars with the longest warranties are the makes that are generally the most reliable. To me Evinrude's 10 year warranty is a great indication of their faith in their product - it would be commercial suicide to offer a warranty on any product that you didn't expect to have minimal claims on

If I were in the position to buy, Evinrude's warranty would not give me some reassurance, it would give me total reassurance.

And let's face it, if Yamaha had have offered a 10 year warranty on their products 15 years ago it would probably have closed their outboard division down - instead they let their customers pick up the tab for all those failed 225s.

Originally Posted by homeby51 View Post
Believe me, if 2 strokes were inherently more reliable and the longevities were equal, car companies would have embraced them and our highways would be packed with two strokes.
They very nearly did - Optimax was originally developed as a car engine for Ford, but the plug was pulled because of concerns about market acceptance - from the struggle Evinrude have, even though they have a superb engine, I would say it was probably the right call.

BTW this is the first time I've looked at this thread in a while - I'm not about to read though it all, but 15 pages in, has their actually been a unhappy G2 owner found yet?

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