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Originally Posted by 270Handiman View Post
I'm not sure what this long-held physics theory that 2-strokes don't last as long is, but my YAMAHA 2-stroke is seventeen years old, has over 5000 hours on it, and runs perfectly. I run charters on it every week and average about 300 hours a year. And that's my 'newest' 2-stroke......my oldest is a 1968, and I have a 1973, a 1979, and a 1985, all different HP's, and all run just fine to this this day.
It's a commonly accepted science with the two different types of combustible engines. A 4 stroke has an explosion only half the time, shortening the life of the piston, in theory. Now of course, the more money a company spends on R&D will increase any engine's longevity but with all things equal on a simple 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engine, the 4 stroke last much longer.