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Originally Posted by mhrmike View Post
How would the ss75m compare to the ss75h at these depths. Also how would 3D structurescan work into the system comparably to these two transducers?
I was trying to offer some advice towards the OP's original question.

The SS75M has a beam angle of 16-24 degrees which is a wider cone than the SS75H which has beam angle of 9-15 degrees. The frequency range of the SS75M is 80-135kHz against 130-210kHz for the SS75H.

The higher frequency and narrower cone coverage of the SS75H will give better resolution, detail and separation than the SS75M but because of its lower frequency range the SS75M will have a greater depth range meaning it will be better down to greater depths than the SS75H.

The OP states that the fishing range os 10-100' at which depths and probably until about 250' depth the SS75H would be the better choice. That said either transducer should provide very satisfactory performance in the scenario described. The SS75H providing crisper detail but the SS75M covering a wider area.

As to how 3D Structure Scan would integrate I cannot comment as I do not have great experience with this product. I would think that it should integrate very well.

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