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Originally Posted by catman5339 View Post
What is the difference between a GT51 and a CV51 transducer? Thanks
This is my understanding....

The GT51 has a 600w traditional chitp element, 2 side scanning elements totalling 500w, and a downvu element at 500w.

Garmin got sued over the technology in this transducer. Then they started making the CV51.

The CV51 has 600w traditional chirp element, 2 side scanning elements totaling 500w, but has NO down facing element.

The two side scanning elements overlap to digitally produce a dowvu image. So the GT51 has a dedicated downvu element and should have a clearer, more accurate downvu image.

In traditional and sidescan the transducers should perform the same. Just in downvu, or clearvu, or bottom view (whatever they call it now) the CV might perform a little worse than the GT.
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