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Originally Posted by CME View Post
He hasn't used Furuno in many years, but as an older commercial fisherman.. he likes the brand. He's building a new boat and I think $$$ is a concern, relatively.

He said he wanted a 12" & a 6".


TZTL12F-NXT combo w/Radar

What am I missing?
You are missing a PG700 heading sensor

Also, A friend has a TZT-15 and a TZT2-12 on his boat and it seems to work flawlessly. He hasnt spoken of any issues.

I plan on adding the used TZT-9 back to my boat and network it with my TZT2-12 as soon as the fall striped bass run is over. Currently on my boat I have a TZT2-12" and GP1870F. The only thing they share is data like depth and water temp. I typically use the GP1870F as my primary fish finder and TZT2 for primary navigation and radar.
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