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Sidescan is a must. I use it primarily offshore to locate artificial reefs and wrecks in 50-120ft of water. BUT.... I use it a lot in 20ft of water and less to locate brush piles for crappie fishing. It will make finding your rockpiles very easy. I had a Garmin 74sv and it performed very well. I never used any mapping features. I just ran around with sidescan until I found some structure then I saved it on the chartplotter.

Once you start using sidescan you will want to have your chartplotter set up in split screen. When I bought the 7" I thought it was huge. Unfortunately when running it splitscreen it's like looking at two different 3.5" machines. After owning the 7" I always tell people 9" is the smallest I would recommend if you plan on using sidescan, though the 7" did work. I have since sold my 74sv and bought a 1042xsv. MUCH better.....

If I were you I would be looking at getting an echommap or echomap plus 74sv or 94sv.

The sidescan will work very shallow. Here's a pic in 2.5ft of water. It clearly shows each bank of the very narrow creek I was in. It also shows a couple fish and a log on the bottom....

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