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Originally Posted by oneoverpar View Post
Hi, I am running a house battery system that feeds a blue sea fuse panel. The directions for my amp recommendation wiring directly to the battery. I prefer it to be wired to the fuse box so I can shut it off with my battery switch in storage. The amp only needs a 15a fuse. The stereo is wired to the fuse box and there isnít any interference or radio noise.
What do you guys recommend??
Thanks for any help!
Well, its only a 15a fused draw at worst. Most amps that can be 100A fused sources I definitely would likely goto directly to a battery (through a fuse and shutoff).

As far as noise, most modern amped head-units are quite good at keeping noise out. Following the installation instructions would be key.

You might want to list exactly who/what stereo your working with. There is a fountain of info here.