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Originally Posted by DOYAM View Post
Thank you for your input. So the GO12 is about 2200 and the OP50 is 400 so I am at 2600 for that vs. 2k for the Reman Evo2. What are the advantages of the "current unit"? For 2600, I think I'd rather buy a Evo2 16" reman. This day and age, you buy something and give it a year and you are out of the "current unit" anyways. Unless there are significant differences, I dont see it as being worth it.

I guess what I am hoping for here is someone to say well the GO12 has blah blah blah that is significant over the Evo2 12". And not just a marketing ploy.
I would choose the EVO 2 hands down, particularly if the cost difference is as substantive as you noted. I am sure you will get several years of use out of it and it is full proof vs. the touch screen only. The knob for zooming is so much better than a zoom icon as well. We continue to get reports of response issues on the new touch screen only units when its raining or when the screen gets really wet. Go down to the store and mess around with the evo and then the GO and you will surely like the evo better in terms of practical application using that knob. I run the Evo 2, the Evo 3 and the GO. They are all good but overall I recommend the Evo 2 because the cost differential vs. the Evo3 is substantive and I dont think the screen is that much superior in terms of what you see when viewing high quality images.
The GO series is a lot less money but there is a reason for that and I would not ignore that. The Evo 3 by comparison produces a slightly deeper richer look and slightly darker as well when compared to the Evo2 but both look really good to me. The go 12 has a great screen as well. If sonar is a big factor, the EVO3 is better than the Evo2 though and probably worth the difference. We sell them all but the truth be told, for the two you are focused on, if you want the best practical functionality on the water, i would get the Evo2 and I would advise you of that even if I had none to sell. There are fewer and fewer of those around as the Evo2 is being phased out or already out. The Go series, Lowrance Carbon and Evo3 are the main sales focus now with the latest upgrades. That said, the Lowrance Gen 3 which is also being phased out and the Evo2 are still really great units and the big price discounts you can get by going that way I think are totally worth it for many boaters.