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Originally Posted by InternationalMarineBrian View Post
You can add the OP50 remote mountable keypad to the Go12 and that will have you in a current unit. The Go12 is the operating system of the NSS Evo2 as well as the screen.
Thank you for your input. So the GO12 is about 2200 and the OP50 is 400 so I am at 2600 for that vs. 2k for the Reman Evo2. What are the advantages of the "current unit"? For 2600, I think I'd rather buy a Evo2 16" reman. This day and age, you buy something and give it a year and you are out of the "current unit" anyways. Unless there are significant differences, I dont see it as being worth it.

I guess what I am hoping for here is someone to say well the GO12 has blah blah blah that is significant over the Evo2 12". And not just a marketing ploy.